Remote Control Systems (RCS)

Why five different TX handpieces?  You might well ask.  The simple answer is choice.
Different Large Scalers have different needs.  Although there is no such thing as a one system that fits all, The RCS Digital Proportional control systems comes pretty close.
The two budget priced EVOLUTION R/C Tx handpieces are either battery power specific or Live Steam specific.
Three Premium RCS TX handpieces are capable of controlling both Live Steam locos and Battery R/C locomotives. Both "Low OFF" & "Centre OFF" control procedures are featured.

Only Deltang makes similar equipment.
thought it might help my customers if I explained what I have available and which Tx would be the best to suit their needs.

RCS pocket sized Tx handpieces cater for two distinctly different types of locos.

1.  LIve Steam locomotives whereby Digital Proportional R/C signals use servos to control mechanical functions, such as the direction changing Johnson bar and a Steam regulator that opens and closes a steam valve.  Some Live Steam locos need more than 2 x channels.
The R/C requirements for Live Steam locos are pretty straightforwards.  The choice is quite easy to make.  The two Premium TX's are all for Live Steam as well as Battery R/C.  See # 1 below.

2.   Battery R/C locomotives whereby Digital Proportional R/C signals are used to electronically control locomotive direction and speed.  Those same signals can also control sound system functions such as whistles & bells etc, through to switching electronic functions ON-OFF.

The most common request I receive enquiring about Battery R/C, simply says the owner has "XX" loco and wants to convert to battery R/C. 
Unfortunately nowadays, that is a bit vague and usually leads to a request by me for more information so that I can make suggestions as to what sort of R/C will best suit their needs. 

Most Large Scalers are not aware that RCS makes much more than simply a one Tx + Rx combination that is supposed to fit all situations, but doesn't.
Ask yourself how many pocket sized battery R/C handpieces can use off the shelf receivers to control
servos for live steam locos. A couple of very expensive DCC systems can do it. Apart from other Deltang based R/C systems, there is nothing else.

If you decide the chosen Tx is to double up for both Live Steam and battery R/C 
you can have either:
CENTRE OFF control ESC's use just one channel with 150º control either side of neutral for both direction and speed control.  OR:
LOW OFF control ESC's which use one channel to set the direction and one channel with 300º control of speed.  This results in much more precise control of speed, than "Centre OFF" and is exactly how most Live Steam locos work as well.

Click on pics below for full details.


Suitable for controlling "Centre OFF" Battery R/C locos only using ESC's like the VIPER series.
Forward - Reverse - Speed with two sound triggers available.
The Ch # 5 button can also be used for an extra sound trigger.

EVO-STEAM Suitable for controlling Live Steam locos & battery R/C locos.
The EVO-STEAM is more or less the same as the earlier Tx-1. 
Can use "Centre OFF" or "Low OFF" ESC's.
The Ch # 5 button can also be used for a whistle control.
Suitable for controlling Live Steam locos & "Centre OFF" & "Low OFF" battery R/C locos.

Next step up from the # EVO-STEAM.
2 x Digital Proportional channels plus 3 x pushbutton triggers for sound effects and uncoupling etc.

Tx-5 Four Digital Proportional channels for Live Steam locos that have Draincocks, Blowers or gas valves etc.  
Use 1 x aux channel for quillable (ie proportional) control of a steam whistle function.
New case layout = more finger room.  Uses "AA" batteries.
Can control up to 4 x Centre OFF battery R/C locos.
Tx-7 The Tx-7 has 2 x Digital Proportional channels + 4 x 1/2 servo functions for Live Steam or 4 x pushbutton sound triggers.
Has the ability to control 2 x "Centre OFF" battery R/C locos simultaneously from one handpiece. Plus 2 sound triggers for each ESC.

                                                     SOME SUGGESTIONS.
Live Steam One of the big attractions of the RCS Digital Proportional control system is that the operator can bind (as in link) as many Rx's to one Tx handpiece as they wish.
That means it is not only possible to operate both Live Steam locos,  "Centre OFF" & "Low OFF" Battery R/C from just one Tx handpiece, it is a feature exclusive to the RCS Digital Proportional control system. 
If you have a steam whistle the Tx-5 is best for "quillable" control of a whistle valve.

If the reader has any questions not covered by the above please contact RCS and we wil include that infromation here.