# PNP-ADAPT-3a.  A$29 ea 
A simple plug in adaptor pcb with cable connections that allows any non PnP ESC to be used with AristoCraft© and Bachmann© locos fitted the regular PnP sockets.  Rated for 3 amps input.
Accepts constant voltage track power and on board batteries.  Clearly marked screw terminals.

Provides a polarised, filtered DC voltage for any brand of on board ESC.

The bridge rectifier is mounted under the pcb and requires the loco socket space to be free of obstruction.
Where the socket space is not clear we can also supply the pcb with the bridge rectifier mounted on top like this:

# PNP-ADAPT-3b.  A$29 ea

Also available in 6 amp pcb's.  "B" version only.

# PNP-ADAPT-6b.   A$ 36 ea. 

Here is a Bachmann K-27 socket pcb with the PnP-ADAPT installed.

Click HERE for a pdf instruction page.